Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Ron's "Swan Song"

As some of you might know, Ron took centre ring at Tayside Lochee & District Limited Show last Saturday to judge the Pastoral Group. He drew the biggest entry of all of the groups and did a sterling job. He gave best Pastoral Puppy to a seven and a half month old Samoyed, who then took Best of Breed, the Pastoral Group then obviously appealed to the BIS judge as she won
Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show.
You could say that Ron was delighted as this was to be his last judging appointment - what a way to finish! The owner of the Samoyed was equally delighted and it turned out that we actually know the puppy's breeders as they were (in fact, still are) great friends of ours from when we lived in Essex. I, of course, had already established this as I was showing William and had access to my catalogue. It was very interesting to see Ron judge her as we have obviously got to know the breeders "type" of Samoyed over the years and this one was definitely true to their breeding. It didn't take him long to decide that she was the best exhibit in the ring and, as it turned out, in the show.

Ron can now retire from judging safe in the knowledge that he still knows a thing or two about judging dogs!

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Gennasus said...

Bowing out in style Ron!