Monday, 22 June 2009

We made the long journey (480 miles round trip) to Border Union and thought we had moved to the Med - the weather was absolutely glorious. To make the journey worth while and put a couple of cherries on the cake, we qualified Denzil and Leo, both of them winning 2nd place in their respective classes (Puppy and Limit). Our Crufts 2010 team has now gone up to 4 - Leila has yet to get her act together, although she managed to get VHC in Limit Bitch. She likes to think she is top of the tree at Roman Camp, but she needs to get her priorities in order!! Perhaps next time ...?! I saw a number of people from the Club so I hope they all had a good day as well.

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karensbrae said...

We will be seeing you at Crufts.xx