Sunday, 8 February 2009

William's first show ...!

Off we went to Inverness (through the snow and ice yet again) for the Highland Limited Show. It was exactly 6 months since William was born so this was to be his "debut". There were only two Shih Tzus entered and I knew that the other exhibit would not be there as I had received a 'phone call from his owner yesterday evening. William was sporting a very clean coat, each hair groomed to perfection and a top-knot executed to sit centrally on his head. THEN the problem started - into the ring we went and he decided that today was to be playtime rather than moving sedately up and down the ring. I know training evenings have been a bit hit and miss but I did think he was at last getting his act together. However, he obviously thought differently today. The judge was very patient with him and managed to see his movement on one length of the ring and she was magnanimous enough to award him the red rosette and Best of Breed. Never have one of my dogs less deserved such a placing! I just hope he and I can come to an understanding about the future of his showing - I WILL BE IN CHARGE and the sooner he realises it, the better! In spite of his showing today I still love him dearly - is really is "Just William!" There is always the next show ...

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karensbrae said...

Glenn managed to get a few action shots. I always thought that they should be on four legs we have him on two!!
Well done